Walker Family Reunion 1999 – San Saba, Texas

The Walker Family Reunion is held every year at the Mill Pond Park Senior Center in San Saba, Texas. The date is always the second Saturday in July. In 1999 the Reunion was held on Saturday July 10. Here are just some of the pictures of the 1999 Reunion.

There are 96 persons in the group picture below including two babes-in-arms. It is not known how many people signed the guest book. If you have some digital pictures of the 1999 Reunion that you would like to share please send them to [email protected]

1999 Walker Reunion
1999 Walker Reunion

Names of those in the photograph, left to right:

Front Row – Joshua Ratliff, Maverick Hendrix, Rebecca Hendrix, Tonya Ratliff, Thomas Lowe, Trey Ratliff, Charlie Lowe, Lindsay McHorse, Nikki Jo Vickers, Clay Vickers, and Brian Stearns.

2nd Row – Casey Lewis, Larenda Holland, Jerry Barron, Jo Ann Walker, Velma McHorse, Garnet Branch, Warden Terry, Bill Walker, Bill Cason, Carol Hunter, Judy Dowdy, and Nick Dowdy.

3rd Row – James Jolley, Shawn Hendrix, Sharon Hendrix, Linda Barron, Amy Jolley, Meredith Arendale, Janet Jolley, Brett Leopold, Laurie Leopold, Doug Leopold, Johnny Walker, Martha Terry, Ola Mae Walker, Bill Walker, Dorothy Cason, Jeremy Walker, Steven Walker, Casey Pace, and Renea Barron.

4th – Row Sharon Cheatham, Kadene Grimes, Corkey Grimes, John Arendale, Newton Jolley, Jack McHorse, Todd McHorse, Amanda McHorse, Shelly McHorse, Marsha Hardy, Reba Stutts, Jack Walker, Dionna Williams, Tom Williams, Kathie Walker, and Donna Beth Walker.

Top Row – Carol Walker, Ryan Walker, Paul Walker, Tina Garcia, Royce Cheatham, Eldon Pierce, Steven Pierce, Roxie Wilcox, Curt Wilcox, Toma Lea Sewall, Blanche Jennings, Claude Sewall, Beverly Tubbs, Margery Walker, Billie Jo Vickers, Jayne Strickland, Fawn Perry, Starla Perry, Rusty Ratliff, Tracy Ratliff, and George McHorse Jr., Nell McHorse, and George McHorse.

1999 Walker Reunion - Billy T Group
1999 Walker Reunion – Billy T Group
199 Walker Reunion - Pierce Family
1999 Walker Reunion – Pierce Family
199 Walker Reunion - Steven + 8
1999 Walker Reunion – Steven + 8