Walker Family Reunion 1949 – Antelope Creek, Lampasas County

San Saba News and Star – September 8, 1949
San Saba News and Star – September 8, 1949

While we are now certain that these pictures below are associated with the 1949 reunion on Antelope Creek because the tree in the background is the same tree that was in the 1947 Reunion picture, also on Antelope Creek. The 1947 reunion picture had the trailer and the pet milk box that was not used in 1949. Pearle is holding Donna Beth who was born in February of that year. Doyle Ratliff is holding Sharon who was born in September of 1947 making her a year a half old in August 1949. For example Carlos and Terry are in these pictures but their parents Gene and Garnet are not. We know from the larger photograph below that there were at least 91 people attending and there were likely a few more that are not in the picture. It was the largest gathering that Mr. Walker ever hosted.

We are always searching for information regarding the 1940s and 1950s Walker Reunions. With the exception of the 1947 and 1949 Reunions which were held on Antelope Creek in Lampasas County, most of these early reunions were held on the river bordering the A.J. Walker Pecan Grove place. If you have pictures and/or information regarding any of the these earlier Walker Reunions that you would like to share here on this website please contact Eldon at [email protected]


Walker Reunion 1949
Walker Reunion 1949

Click here for a LIST of names of the 91 persons in the above photograph of friends and relatives who attended the August 1949 Walker Reunion.

Walker Reunion 1949 - Relatives
Walker Reunion 1949 – Relatives

Click here for a LIST of names that Velma Walker very thoughtfully entered on the back of the photograph above of A.J. Walker Sr. and his family.

Walker Reunion 1949 - Friends
Walker Reunion 1949 – Friends

Click here for a LIST of names of A.J. Walker’s friends in the photograph above that attended this 1949 Reunion