2007 Walker Reunion – San Saba News & Star Article

San Saba News Article 2007Below is a transcription of the above Walker Reunion article that you may find easier to read

Walker Family Reunion

On July 14th, laughter could be beard ringing out of the San Saba Senior Center, as the Walker family had another reunion. There were approximately 80 family members and friends who attended. The brisket, chicken and sausage was cooked, again, by Bob and Marsha Hardy while the rest of the family filled in the food tables with everything that you could think of-and desserts were out of this world!

As we’ve always done, there were special gifts for: Youngest Family Member: this year was split between the Vickers twins, Chey Anne and Shay Lin — they received some Baby Einstein books. The “Opposite of the youngest” Family Member went to Reba Stutts — she received a Dr. Seuss called You’re Onlv Old Once.

The Most Family Members Present went to George and Nell McHorse and it was a complete Popcorn Serving Set. The One Who Traveled The Farthest was Tracie Ham, from Spring Valley, Ca. and she received a San Saba Armadillo.

There were five items to be raffled off this year: The Wildflowers of Texas picture hand-framed in old barn wood was won by Charlie Lowe. The picture of the Walker Family in a hand-made frame by Roland Ratliff was won by Jo Ann Walker. The Walker Family pictures set in an old window frame made by Sharon Cheatham Was won by Eldon Pierce. The Mantle clock was won by Patricia Mogavero. The King~Sized Patriotic Quilt was won by Elizabeth Johnson.

Attending from the Billy & Pearl Walker Family were Tom & Deonna Williams [EIgin,Txl, Doris Childers [Elgin, Tx), Simeon Fields [Hatfield, Ark) and Tracie Ham & Isaac [Spring Valley, Ca].

The Estelle (Walker) & Ernest Pierce Family attendees were Eldon Pierce [Albuquerque,NM,], Elizabeth Johnson [Albuquerque, NM], Grace Vanderhor [Albuquerque, NM], Curt & Roxie (Pierce) Wilcox [Bellville, Tx], Donna Wilcox [Bellville, Tx), Elaine Welch [Menard,Tx] and Stephen Wilcox [Stephenville, Tx].

The Terrv & Maude Walker Family attendees were Dorothy (Walker) Cason [Baird, Tx], Jerry & Linda Barron [Baird, Tx], Charlie & Beverly Tubbs [Baird, Tx], Reba (Walker) Stutts [Santa Fe, Tx], Terry Stutts [Santa Fe, Tx], Nick & Judy Dowdy [Santa Fe, Tx], Frank &Janet Jolly [Houston, Tx], Brian, Renea & Nolan Starns [Brownwood, Tx], Ricky & Billie Jo Hammett [Weatherford, Tx], Clay, Jessica, Chey Anne & Shay Lin Vickers [Weatherford, Tx, John & Jo Ann Walker [Richmond, Tx], Earline Belote [Wimberley, Tx], Paul Walker [Rosenberg, Tx], Doug, Laurie, Brett & Zack Leopold [College Station, Tx]and Willard, Gretchen, Natalee & Cason Johnson [Cisco, Tx].

The Alfred & Velma Walker Family attendees were George & Nell (Walker) McHorse [San Saba], George, Jr. & Emma McHorse [Kerrville, Tx], Tami Heagy [KerrviIle, Tx], Jack & Jackie McHorse [Georgetown, Tx], Todd & Shelly McHorse [Ft. Worth, Tx], Patricia & Zoe Mogavero [Apple Valley, Ca], Chad & Larenda Wray [Arlington, Tx], Kadene Grimes [Kingsland,Tx], Royce & Sharon Cheatham [Kingsland, Tx], Charlie Thomas & Ashley Lowe [Kingsland, Tx], Roland, Joshua, Trey & Tonya Ratliff [Horseshoe Bay, and Billy Smart[Horshoe Bay, Tx].

The Ruth & Sam Walker Family attendees were Jerry & Bonnie [Dallas], Jennifer, Luke and Lauren Askew [Austin,Tx] and Sarah Mercadante [San Saba, Tx].

Visiting from San Saba were Martha Roe Terry and Ann Bearden.

Next years reunion is already scheduled for July 12, 2008.

Here is the 2007 Guest Register listing the people who signed as they entered.