Walker Family Reunion 2013 – San Saba, Texas

The 2013 A.J. Walker Family Reunion was held at the Senior Center in the beautiful San Saba Mill Pond Park. It is always the second Saturday in July which in 2013 was July 13. Many people came early Thursday or Friday to have additional time for visiting and not a few stayed Saturday night also. On Saturday they began arriving at the Senior Center as early as 8am. The Potluck Lunch was served at 12 noon followed by the traditional auction.

Here is a transcript of the San Saba News and Star Article dated July 25, 2013 that lists the attendees.

THE A. J. WALKER, SR. DESCENDANTS held their annual reunion Saturday, July 13th, 2013 at the Senior Center at Mill Pond Park.

“74” family members and friends had a wonderful day of visiting, looking at pictures, playing games and having a lot of fun with a Silent Auction. We had a delicious Bar-B-Q and covered dish lunch followed by pies, cakes, cookies and homemade ice cream. The theme was “Your Future Savings”. The centerpieces, of different shaped ‘piggy-banks‘, were given out as door prizes.

Winners were Carol Hunter, Larenda Wray, Willard Johnson, Jacob Holland, Martha Roe Terry, Natalee Johnson, BenKelton, Todd McHorse, Sarah Walker, and Jerry Barron. Raffle prizes, this year, were a King-size quilt, a Portable DVD Player with John Wayne movies, and a special Family collage picture frame. These prizes were won by: Johnny Walker, Pam Sargent and Grace Vanderhor, respectively.

The special gift winners were: Youngest – Gunner Wayne McHorse [at 9 days old] with a music box called “Little Monkey“, Furthest from the Youngest – Martha Roe Terry [at 93 years young] with a special edition of the Monopoly game, Most Family Present – Dorothy Cason [with 23 members present] with a combination of 10 family games, and Traveling the Farthest – Andy, Pam, Janell, Kaylie and Micah Sargent [traveling about 1500 miles from Greenville, NC] with a combination of Brain Benders to entertain them on their trip home.

Family members attending the reunion from the Terry and Maud Walker family were:

Dorothy (Walker) Cason – Baird, TX

Jerry and Linda Barron – Baird, TX.

Rick and Billie Jo Hammett – Weatherford, TX

Ben, Nikki, Avary, River and Ella Grace Kelton – Austin, TX

Willard, Gretchen, Natalee, Cason, Zane and Malcolm Johnson – Cisco, TX

Clay, Christina, Shaylinn, Cheyanne, Ethan, McKenzie and Adrian Vickers – Abilene, TX

Reba (Walker) Stutts – Santa Fe, TX

Carol Hunter – Santa Fe, TX

Judy Dowdy – Santa Fe, TX

Craig and Braylinn Pace – Crosby, TX

Johnny Walker – Richmond, TX

Doug, Laurie and Zach Leopold – College Station, TX

Paul, Carol Ann, Ryan, Kaylee and Cody Walker – Richmond, TX

Beverly Cason – Baird, TX

Family of Alfred and Velma Walker family were:

George and Nell McHorse – San Saba, TX

Bob and Marsha Hardy – San Saba, TX

Larenda and Matthew Wray – Carrollton, TX

Randell and Jacob Holland and Jennifer Contreras – Haslett, TX

Jack McHorse – Georgetown, TX

Jackson McHorse – Lubbock, TX

Lindsay and Kadence McHorse – Georgetown, TX

Andy, Pam, Janell, Kaylie and Micah Sargent – Greenville, NC

Todd and Shelly McHorse – Ft. Worth, TX

Amanda and Gunner McHorse – Ft. Worth, TX

Sharon Cheatham – Kingsland, TX

Kadene Grimes – Kingsland, TX

Family of Ernest and Estelle (Walker) Pierce were:

Eldon Pierce – Albuquerque, NM

Elizabeth Johnson – Albuquerque, NM

Grace Vanderhor – Albuquerque, NM


Family of Ruth Walker were:

Sarah J. Walker – Tucson, AZ

Jerry and Bonnie Lange – Dallas, TX


And Cousins and Friends from the area:

Joyce Rainey – Hurst, TX

Jerry Stevens – Cleburne, TX

Martha Roe Terry – San Saba, TX

Terry Schoch – San Antonio, TX

Rita Schoch – San Antonio, TX

Ann Bearden – San Saba, TX


Next year, we will meet on Saturday August 2nd……see you then!