Walker Family Reunion 1946 – Pecan Grove, Texas

We are always searching for information regarding the 1940s and 1950s Walker Reunions. Most were held on the San Saba River bordering the A.J. Walker place at Pecan Grove. While it is not certain it is believed that this 1946 Reunion was held on the San Saba River. One of the photographs in possession of Ola Mae had penciled in as an afterthought “taken on Anatelope Creek”. The 1947 and 1949 Reunions were held on Antelope Creek in Lampasas County but it is believed that this 1946 Reunion was held on the San Saba River at Pecan Grove.

There were three favorite camping and swimming areas on San Saba River that bordered the Pecan Grove Walker place — The Whirlpool, The Rocks, and The Munsell Crossing. The so called Whirlpool was caused by a very small island that the kids liked to swim over to. The Munsell Crossing was just over on the Joe Williams place (later the Lancaster place) and thusly named because at that point the river was low enough to drive a car through and up the bank to the Munsell home about a mile away. The bank on the far side was steep and many times impassable after heavy rains. Most of the time there was a rope swing in one of the pecan trees over the deep part of the river there that was a favorite of the older and better swimmers. Most of the reunions were held near the The Whirlpool as the water was a little deeper than The Rocks. Aunt Pearle taught most of the 21 first cousins (third generation) how to swim. What a teacher she was! There were many swimming sessions before the reunions began. Some after church on Sunday and more often after work in the fields during the hot summer months. The Munsell Crossing was and is still used for baptisms by the Pecan Grove Church. Later some called this the The Shahan Crossing. These three “swimming holes” appear today much as they did in the early 1900s.

In most of these early reunion photographs Mr. Walker arranged for a photographer and then seated himself in the middle of the front or bottom row. The 1946 Reunion, as shown in the three pictures below, was well attended and even seemed to be sort of a dry run for the 1947 Reunion held on Antelope Creek.

Walker Reunion 1946
There are 77 individuals in the photograph above of relatives and friends. There likely were others that attended but may have left earlier or simply been walking by the river or standing outside the range of the camera. Click here for a LIST of the persons in the above photograph.

Walker Reunion 1946

The picture above was taken at the same time the top picture was shot but includes only the immediate descendants of A.J. Walker. Counting from A.J. Walker as first generation most of the remaining persons on the top row are his second generation five children and spouses. This photograph is one of the few, if not the only, reunion photograph with all five of his children and their spouses. Ruth is rarely seen in any of the family photographs after she and her family moved to California in 1943 as it was difficult for her to make the trip back to San Saba. Ruth’s husband Sam died in 1940.

The bottom row sitting consists mostly of the third generation cousins. There were 21 First Cousins in all, Opal being the oldest born in 1911 and Pencia the youngest born in 1938. Twelve of the 21 cousins are in this photograph. Ruth is holding her first grandchild, Jackie, and Alfred is holding his first grandchild, Mary Nell. Reba’s two grandchildren, Frank 4 and David 2, are sitting in front of J.T. Whitt and Betty Jo.

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Click here for a LIST of these Walker descendants in the above photograph.

1946 Walker Reunion - First Generation Group Picture of Twelve
1946 Walker Reunion – First Generation Group Picture of Twelve

This picture above, also taken at the 1946 reunion, includes some of A.J. Walker’s cousins and closest friends, many of whom attended Old Shiloh school. First Row Sitting – R.J. Edwards, Mr. Howard, Billie Brown, Jack Walker, Mr. John Wallace, Mr. Dalton. Second Row Standing – Mrs. Jordan, Mrs. Shaw, Aunt Emma Terry, Mrs. John Wallace, Mrs. Dalton, and Cousin Fannie Autry. To find out the Walker family connections of the twelve people in this photo CLICK HERE

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