Walker Family Reunion Thursday August 28 1947 – Antelope Creek, Lampasas County

The 1947 A.J. Walker Reunion was held in Lampasas County on Antelope Creek where Sarah and Jackie’s first home, a log cabin, was built in the early 1870s. It was very important to Mr. Walker that this reunion be held on the exact site of their first Texas home. He had grown up there surrounded by his first cousins from the Alfred G. Lane family many of whom attended the “Old Shiloh School”. At this school he made many life-long friends incuding John Wallace, Billy Brown, and Wesley Dalton who attended this reunion and are shown in the photos below. According to the San Saba County History 1856-1983, there were two schools named Shiloh. Mr. Naudain was the headmaster of the one in the Harris Community on the Munsell Place. Young Jackie Walker and other children in the Pecan Grove and Harmony Ridge Communities went to this school and boarded there as well.

Preparation for this reunion began very early and was intensive. Ernest Pierce, Pearle Walker, and others wrote many letters and cards to Mr. Walker’s Lane cousins urging them to come to the reunion. And there were plenty of first cousins! Alfred G. Lane, Sarah’s father, had 18 children. That means he had 34 Lane Uncles and Aunts!

The picture below has come to be known as the “Pet Milk” picture. Hand written on the back of this photograph is the date August 1947 and the names of many of those attending the reunion. The names of some persons that are seen in the photograph were left off so that list is not inclusive. Ages were noted for many of the older attendees and these ages were verified with available sources and found to be reasonably accurate.

A detailed list identifying almost all of the people in the Pet Milk photo below was created by Nell Walker with the assistance of Elsie Oliver, Martha Roe Terry, and Jimmy Shahan. Our grateful thanks go to them for without their help many in the picture would remain nameless. In 2009 Ola Mae Walker sent me pictures of the 1947 reunion that included one of the AJ Walker family not seen by by me before. It is the last picture below. Note that the same tree was used for the photos of the 1949 reunion.

Walker Reunion - 1947
Walker Reunion – 1947

CLICK HERE to view the three lists of names of those in the photograph above. The trailer shown in the photograph was used to bring chairs, benches, tables, and food supplies and the trailer itself was used for a dinner table as well.

Walker Reunion 1947 - 1st Generation
Walker Reunion 1947 – 1st Generation

This picture above, also taken at the 1947 reunion, includes some of A.J. Walker’s cousins and closest friends. It is very similar to the small group picture taken at the 1946 Reunion except with three more people added.

Top Row Standing – #1 George Brown (6th child of A.J. Brown), #2, #3 Mr. Dalton, #4 John Wallace, #5 Mrs John Wallace, #6, #7 Nancy Callie (Brown) Shaw (Sister of A J Brown), #8, and #9.

Bottom Row Sitting – #1, #2 R.J. Edwards, #3 Jack Walker, #4 Mrs. Jordan, #5 Emma Terry, and #6 Billy Brown (2nd Child of A J Brown).

#2, #8, and #9 on the top row and #1 on the bottom row remain unidentified. Please let us know if you can help with identification.

1947 - A.J. Walker's immediate family of children and grandchildren
1947 – A. J. Walker’s immediate family of children and grandchildren.

The picture above, furnished by Ola Mae Walker in 2009, was taken at the 1947 reunion at Antelope Creek and is of A.J. Walker’s immediate family of children and grandchildren.

Top Row Standing – Edward Walker, Garnet (Walker) Branch, Ola Mae (Rutledge) Walker, Billie T. Walker, and Nell Walker.

Middle Row Standing – Maud Walker, Ernest Pierce, Johnny Walker, Lynn Walker, Pearle Walker, and Velma (Edwards) Walker

Bottom Row Sitting – Terry Walker, Estelle Pierce, A.J. Walker Sr., Billy Walker, and Alfred Walker Jr.