The following list is a bibliography of sources for Alfred Jack Walker Families.

  • “San Saba County History 1856-1983” published by The San Saba County Historical Commission in 1983. Available from Rylander Library, San Saba, Texas. This is a collection of historical articles on area families, churches and schools which was published without an index.
  • “San Saba County History 1856-2001” published by The San Saba County Historical Commission in 2002. Available from Rylander Library, San Saba, Texas $90. 408 Pages Indexed. Contents include “Our Military Men and Women – Confederate Soldiers of San Saba County, World War I Draft Board List, and World War II San Saba County Service Book. There are family histories not included in volume 1 as well as Family Land Heritage and Memorials.
  • “San Saba County History 1856-1983 Every Name Index”. Published by The San Saba County Historical Commission in 1999. This index corrects a deficiency in the 1983 volume and is available for purchase at the Rylander Library. 67 Pages.
  • “San Saba County, Texas Marriage Records 1856-1910” by Frances T. Ingmire. Published by Mountain Press P.O. Box 400, Signal Mountain, Tennessee 37377-0400. 49 pages. $15.50 Some Marriages Listed Are: B. B. Duey and Armour Terry 6-7-1904, R. H. Rogers and Etta McHorse 12-26-1900, J. T. Terry Jr. and Frankie Williams 12-11-1899, J. W. Terry and Emma Whitman 11-30-1898, S. H. Terry and Josie Linn 12-23-1894, A. J. Walker and S. G. Spier 4-3-1884, A. J. Walker and Ada R. Terry 5-1-1893, Simon B. Lane and Henrietta Louis 8-21-1872, John T.Terry and Julia A. Cornett 5-12-1871, John Black and Cordelia Terry 12-15-1869, and more.
  • “Memoirs of Warden Terry (1918-2001)”. Privately published by the Warden Terry Family in 2002. 48 pages. Includes personal stories experienced by Warden as well as family stories Warden heard mostly from older Terry relatives living in San Saba. A wonderful autobiography by a descendant of Stephen Woodson Terry. Warden lived most of his life in San Saba and was a lawyer, county judge and rancher. Includes some photographs and many names and events.
  • “Index to Probate Cases 1866-1939 San Saba Co. Texas” compiled by WPA Workers in 1940. Published by Mountain Press P.O. Box 400, Signal Mountain, Tennessee 37377-0400. 30 pages. $8.50. Some Surnames Listed Are: Armstrong, Askew, Brown, Carroll, Dean, Doran, Draper, Edwards, Estep, Feazle, Hall, Hardy, Hendrix, Johnson, Ketchum, Kuykendall, Ledbetter, Moore, Munsell, Norman, Oliver, Sanderson, Smith, Taff, Taylor, Terry, Vickers, Walker.
  • “Call of the San Saba A History of San Saba County” by Alma Ward Hamrick. 331 pages. First published in 1941 By Naylor Company of San Antonio (800 Copies) and reprinted in 1971 by San Felipe Press of Austin (500 copies). Out of print but many Texas libraries have copies.
  • “The Lane Family From Surry County Virginia” by Virginia Lorene Rockenbaugh (Mrs. Jack Edwin). 86 Pages. Privately published by Mrs. Rockenbaugh in 1978 and is carefully documented research with footnotes and sources. Traces the Lane Family from Thomas Lane born in 1634, through Simon Lane born in North Carolina in 1755. Alfred G. Lane, grandfather of Alfred Jack Walker, was the fourth of the thirteen children of Simon and Judith Lane. Mrs. Rockenbaugh descends from John M. Lane, the fifth child of Simon and Judith.
  • “History of Walker County Alabama” by John Martin Dombhart. Originally published in 1937 and reprinted in 1987. Contents in Three Parts: The County, The Towns, and the People. A.J. Walker was born in Walker County in 1862 and descends from the Lane and Gamble families that are mentioned extensively in this history that covers events from the founding of the county through the Civil War, World War 1 and up to the 1930s Depression era.
  • “Manzanita Cowboys and Twine Pasture Fences – Haverty Family History from Double Mountain, Texas to the Huachuca Mountains in Arizona and Beyond 1900-1945” by Norine Haverty Dickey. Norine Dickey’s book is the true story of her mother, Leonora (Simpson) Haverty, a bitter woman who struggled to raise her family in what she thought was a hostile environment. And of Norine, her daughter, who thought that the environment was a paradise. This book is not a diary, nor is it a journal but a collection of more than 150 stories of Norine’s memories of the Haverty family and their neighbors from about 1875 to the late 1930s; from San Saba, Texas to the Huachuca Mountains in southern Arizona. Includes over 60 historic photographs. Leonora (Simpson) Haverty was the daughter of Amanda Volumnia Terry, the seventh child of Stephen Woodson Terry of San Saba, Texas. This spiral bound book of 248 pages is available through Eldon Pierce. Click here to read the first chapter titled Pete Haverty Meets Amanda Terry