Terry Cemetery, San Saba County Texas

Coordinates for Terry Cemetery are 31.237 W – 98.673 W

The Photographs in this section are from the Terry Cemetery in San Saba Co. Texas.

Stephen Woodson Terry and Volumnia Jane Adams were married in Haywood County, Tennessee in 1847. Stephen and Volumnia brought their six children born in Tennessee, including Arretta Caroline who was barely one year old, to Texas about 1860. Amanda Volumnia, born in 1860 was their first child born in Texas. Click Here for more details regarding Stephen and Volumnia Terry, their fourteen children, and six generations of descendants. On October 28, 1869 Stephen was appointed the tenth Sheriff of San Saba County. He was elected Sheriff on December 3 1869 and served until January 25, 1871. Stephen Woodson and his married children lived variously in Lampasas, San Saba, Pecan Grove and the Rough Creek area. Many if not most of these Terry families are buried here in this cemetery created from land donated by Stephen and Volumnia.




In 1935 A J Walker Sr. owned a two story house on his place near the Munsell Crossing that had been used by Terry and Maud Walker until they left for Encino, New Mexico and settled on a farm they purchased to raise pinto beans. The Mooney family moved into that house and in the same year one of their two young boys, Gilbert age 9, reportedly walked in his sleep and slipped into the river near the crossing and drowned. The Texas State Guard was brought in to search the river and the boy’s body was soon recovered.

According to Raymond Pierce, who was about 8 years old at the time, he and his father, Earl Pierce, helped dig the grave and built a pine box to bury Gilbert Mooney. Raymond said the service was brief and there were about 8 to 10 persons present at the gravesite in the Terry Cemetery including the boy’s parents. The Earl Pierce family also lived on the Walker place at the time.

Gilbert’s sister Nadene Mooney had died from an illness just six weeks before her brother Gilbert drowned in the river. Nadene was exactly age 5 having died on her birthday March 21 1935. The two Mooney children share a gravestone placed at their graves. One can only imagine the grief the Mooney parents suffered at that time.

Eldon Pierce……….Albuquerque September 22, 2011



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Eldon Pierce………….Albuquerque